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Friday, June 30, 2006

OK, It's No Garfield Sequel, But Still...

Not going to the cottage this holiday weekend? Maybe you should take in a flick. But blow off the Man of Steel - Superman is going to be too busy. And skip Click - that's lame. So what should you see?

Well, if its playing in your town, commemorate this country that you love by taking in AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH if you haven't yet seen it. By far, the MOST IMPORTANT movie out this year (yes, and I've even seen Basic Instinct 2 so you know what I'm talking about), An Inconvenient Truth is an astounding and frightening look at the effects of global warming.

And its not just me who's saying its astounding. The Associated Press recently contacted over 100 of the top climate scientists in America and all who had seen the movie gave its spooky presumptions about the future of Earth a thumbs up for accuracy. Among these things are the prospect of a flooded New York City, disappearing ice sheets, more hurricanes, and basically a catastrophe-in-the-making.

And its not just a scare tactic (though we have reason enough to be scared). The film deals with the issue with tact, compassion and logic. It doesn't have any grandiose notions that it can change the world with its message. It knows it is only a warning call.

So, if you do go to a movie this weekend, I urge you to see this. As much as the call of Adam Sandler kicking someone who has been frozen in "pause" mode in the cherries can be deliciously inviting, do yourself a favor and check out An Inconvenient Truth. The funny thing is, both Click and A.I.T. have the same message - if we keep going through life the way we are now, it's going to be too late before we realize we can make a difference.