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Monday, March 21, 2005

The Saddest Thing In The World

I saw the saddest thing in the world this morning.

As I was walking on the sidewalk, I came across a pair of pigeons on the edge of the road. One was lying on it’s side, alive but clearly in the grips of death. The healthy pigeon circled it curiously, cooing a solemn sound and looking quizzically at the poor downed bird. Suddenly, the pigeon jumped on top of the dying bird, as if in a desperate, hopeful attempt to awaken it’s beautiful life-mate. A flurry of feathers struggled momentarily, then faltered. Although the healthy pigeon’s efforts were in vain, still it stood by, guarding it’s companion and cooing it’s sorrowful tune.

...then a garbage truck roared by running over both the little fuckers.
Hoo-boy! How fucking cool is that?!