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Monday, May 02, 2005

Blue Light Special On Blowing Shit Up

There's a shop near my apartment called The Spy Depot. In it's window they display a "car bomb detector".

Talk about your specialty items.

Don't get me wrong. Its not that I think said item isn't needed. And I understand that there is a market for it out there. After all, if you are, say, a newly-appointed Iraqi cabinet minister pushing for a bill to create an "American Appreciation Day" who somehow instantly and magically got teleported from downtown Baghdad on Election Day and landed right in front of this store window...I might see how you could have an impulse buy.

However, anyone else who seriously stops to look (or purchase) a car bomb detector in downtown Toronto is completely paranoid and should really lay off the Fox News for a couple of days.

Listen up Commando-Suburbia, somehow I seriously doubt someone's jacked up your Jetta with TNT all Chuck Bronson-like while you were sucking back a calzone at Eastside Mario's.

Lighten up.

Have a donut.

And relax.