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Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Kinder, Gentler Graffiti

in San Francisco

One thing I've noticed about San Fran - although they seem to have equal share of graffiti, most of it is fairly benign:

"Brad Stinks"
"Iron Maiden Rocks"

Sure, there's also the usual illegible scribbles of the graffiti artist - you know, the ones that look like the first time attempt of a signature by a 3 year old epileptic having a caffeine-and-crack fuelled seizure. The kind only the artist and his homies understand.

But here, there is also the repetitive marking of:

"Corn and Gritz" - as far as I can tell, this must be some sort of start-up hip-hop act tagging their shitty band name on people's garage doors all over Nob Hill. That's hardcore.

But my favorite is:

"The Problem is Never The Problem" - good on ya, San Fran. What good's a little desecration of public property if it doesn't present me with a philosophical equation?