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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Please Don't Demonize My Underwear Fetish

Out of the headlines...

When authorities caught a Midwestern U.S. teenage boy stealing girls' underwear, they immediately demonized his underwear fetish... Many clinicians attribute the boy's crime more to broken family relations.

Yeah, but nobody said that when Ritchie and Potsie went on a panty-raid.

In fact, aren't the Cunninghams as "unbroken" as family relations get?

Seems to me that a hormone-riddled teen's fascination with girl's undies is as part of the fabric of the Western world as Bill Haley, milkshakes and Arnold's Drive-In.

If your kid is fetishizing on something as innocent as a pair of sexy gitch (which, mind you, would also make a fine name for a punk band if you're in the market), then consider yourself lucky.

Some people are forcing small kitchen appliances into their body.