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Friday, June 03, 2005

On The Subject Of Bras And Wieners

A recent study showed that the average North American bra size has jumped from a size 34B in 1991 to a 36C today.

Nice work ladies.

Now I’m surely not adverse to this growing trend, but I must say the fact that people are actually keeping score of the development of boobies as an ongoing study just emphasizes society’s obsession with the mamm.

Ofcourse, a study like this isn’t surprising. It’s not even unusual. In fact, wherever men are – whether its on the beach, at swap meets, even church bake sales - all over the world men have an on-going study of the female breast. See, it’s not that I’m gawking at your chest. I’m exploring scientific data. Ya know, for science. Now would it possible to have a feel…ya know, um, for science?

But ladies, when was the last time you read a comparative study like this of the Schwanz? Not lately I bet.

So…aren’t you curious?

Aren’t you just wondering now if the North American wiener size has followed the same trends as the female breast? I’ll bet you are. Why, I’ll bet some of you may even be wishful...

...but certainly no more than any man who was in his prime in 1991. That's for sure.