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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

How To Look Like A Million Bucks

Ya know, I just haven’t been feeling myself these days. I think it’s time I go in for a…

Face lift. Neck lift. Brow lift. Arm lift. Ear augmentation. Cheek augmentation. Chin augmentation. Thermage for wrinkles. Thread lift. Upper and lower eyelid surgery. Laser eye surgery. Nose job. Botox injection. Forehead lift. Facial implant. Jaw implant. Lip lift. Lip augmentation. Collagen injection. Tooth whitening. Tooth contouring. Laser hair removal. Hair restoration surgery. Permanent make-up. Fat injection. Hip liposuction. Back liposuction. Thigh liposuction. Tummy tuck. Scar camouflage treatment. Dermabrasion. Chemical peel. Laser re-surfacing. Sclerotherapy. Mole removal. Blu light therapy. Electrolysis. Laser waxing. Skin rejuvenation. Sunless airbrush tanning. Cellulite treatment. Abdominoplasty. Pec lift. Calf implant. Thigh lift. Buttock lift. Buttock implant. Areola reduction. Nipple reduction. Breast enlargement. Breast lift. Breast re-construction. Breast reduction. And ofcourse, a big ol' penile implant.

There. That should make me feel better.