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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Notes From A Barstool...

A crazed pit bull has mauled a child to death. Firefighters had to subdue the dog with a fire extinguisher. Hot dog!

A study has found that teams wearing red win more contests. Know what I’ve found? Scientists really need to re-evaluate the things they study.

Some woman infected with HIV has been charged for 5 counts of sleeping with dudes with intentions to spread the disease. So, presumably, she was trying to infect a lot of men by having sex with them. Boy, talk about shooting fish in a barrel.

I actually saw a Conservative M.P. on the news compare Belinda Stronach’s political defection to the Liberal party this way: “It’s just like Judas did to Jesus – it’s the same thing”.
Wow. Jesus never had it so good.

One way to tell the astrologist is full of shit: try using the lottery numbers they pick.