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Monday, June 06, 2005

Girl With The Louis Vuitton Tattoo

I just saw some chick with a tattoo on her lower back. No big deal right. However, this particularly enamoring tattoo was the logo for Louis Vuitton.

Great idea, Miss Independent Thinker! I’m all for tagging myself as long as its on behalf of something special. Why not the vacuous and meaninglessness of consumerism. In fact, although I don’t currently have any tattoos, I have now found inspiration for getting one. Tonight, I’m off to the swarthy biker dude at Sal’s Tattoo and Barber Shop to ask for a tattoo of the K-Mart logo on my inner thigh.

Why should I stop there? I sometimes buy my ginch at the Gap. How about a Gap tattoo on my ass cheek? Seems to make sense. Then I’ll always know where to put my underwear if I’m ever in a situation where I have experienced serious brain damage.

I also like an occasional Whopper. Do you suppose it would be too presumptuous of me to tattoo the Burger King logo on my throat, you know, because getting a tattoo on my esophagus…come on, well that’s just plain silly.

Then ofcourse there’s the Hugo Boss logo. The ultimate in cool. I don’t own any Hugo Boss, but that doesn’t matter does it? Nothing will emit ‘cool’ more than a big black Hugo Boss tattoo in the middle of my forehead. And just think – no dry cleaning!

Oh, I got it. Reebok on the soles of my feet. No, no…the Nike symbol on my ankle.
Hot shit.

Boy, thank Lord Mallrat I saw that girl with the Louis Vuitton tattoo. Now I can finally show the world who I really am.

Oh wait, I just thought of the perfect tattoo to summarize this entire exercise: I think I’ll get the Target logo surrounding my asshole.