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Sunday, November 06, 2005

An Abbreviated List of Things That Annoy Me Today

Speed walkers. Dust bunnies . Hat hair. Turbulence. Hard blinkers. Excessive heat. Excessive humidity. Rancid poultry. Poisonous spiders. Chop suey. Acid rain. Banks. Positive reinforcement. Lyle Waggoner. Nose hair. Flying squirrels. People who say "fudge" or "fart" when they mean "fuck". Decaffeinated coffee. Public radio funding-drives. Public washroom hand air-dryers. Public transportation. Open wounds. Laundry. Flossing. People who rest their sunglasses on the back of their neck. Reality television. Nearly-empty tubs of peanut butter. Cold soups. Broken pencils. Teflon. And Lists.