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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Graffiti Of The Week

Today, I was on my way to my favorite macaroni and cheese hut, when I noticed this particularly radical scrawling across a newspaper box:

Call me Mr. Fart Log

Now, while most graffiti is consumed with signatures (or what the kids call "tags") or diagrams of pee-pees and wee-wees, not to mention the occasional "suck my dick", I have to say I appreciate the creative and intriguing sentence of this week's winning graffiti.

After all, not only have I never heard the term "fart log", but it is so simply original, I can't quite process what it's supposed to be. Simple-minded folk like me can merely conjure up images of shit, but what if this crazy fucker is referring to something more poetic? I am willing to bet he or she is.

Next, the fact that the artist here is making a call to action. He/she is asking the reader to "call them", yet the anonymity makes it literally impossible. Simply delicious!

And finally, the fact that this graffiti was marked on a newspaper box in the middle of downtown Toronto. Not on a wall. So, why a newspaper box? Mystifying, really.

My best guess. The newspaper box was speaking to them.